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Who Should Use the Nova + 100 Racket?

The Nova + 100 racket is specifically designed for players seeking to significantly boost the power in their game. It's an excellent choice for:

  • Players Aiming for Explosive Power: Ideal for those who want to ramp up the force behind their shots, making their play more aggressive and dynamic.
  • Players Needing Extra Reach: With its extended length of 27.5 inches, this racket is perfect for players who want to extend their reach, particularly on serves and groundstrokes. It's great for those looking to cover the court more effectively.
  • Players Who Value a Combination of Power and Feel: Despite its focus on power, the racket maintains a good sense of feel, allowing for controlled and nuanced play.
  • Players Looking for Maneuverability: It's designed to be easy to handle, providing quick responses and smooth transitions, which is beneficial for players who enjoy a fast-paced style or need a racket that supports quick reflexes and agility.

In summary, the Nova + 100 is suited for intermediate to advanced players who are looking to add both power and reach to their game without sacrificing feel and maneuverability.

DIADEM NOVA PLUS 100 Racket (305g)

  • 1. Demo Rackets: Customers are encouraged to use our demo rackets to try before purchasing. This helps ensure that the racket meets your needs and preferences. 2. Return Period: Purchased rackets can be returned within 14 days of the purchase date. 3. Condition of Return: Rackets must be returned in their original condition, including unaltered strings and grip. Any signs of wear, damage, or alteration will disqualify the racket from being returned. 4. Proof of Purchase: A valid receipt or proof of purchase is required for all returns. 5. Refund Process: Upon a successful return, customers will be refunded in the original form of payment. Please allow a processing period of 7-10 business days. 6. Non-Returnable Items: Rackets purchased on sale or as part of a special promotion are considered final sale and are not eligible for return. 7. Exchange Policy: Instead of a return, customers may opt for an exchange. The same conditions apply as for returns. 8. Exceptions: The tennis center reserves the right to refuse a return or exchange if the racket does not meet the return policy conditions. 9. Customer Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the customer to understand and agree to these terms at the time of purchase.
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